Here’s the text of an email we sent out this evening.

A Note About Data Sources Not Currently on Data Portal (3 Days Left)

We’ve had some great communication with a number of you over the last few days, and we wanted to make a clarification about data sources that are eligible to be used in an ILOpenTech submission.

Upshot: we are open to the use of additional data sources that are not currently found on one of the approved data sources listed in the rules.

Specifically, the rules state: “Submissions must be software applications that use at least one of the data sets from, There may be limited changes (updating or refreshing) to the existing data sets.”

In our conversations with two possible entrants this week, we’ve heard about a couple of data sources that people would like to use. One is data from the Safety Data Mart maintained by the Illinois Department of Transportation and the other is info from Belleville City Council Agendas currently published in PDF format.  

We’ve just had this stuff called to our attention this week, so we have had limited time to refresh with this data. We are working on that now. However, since the data is already published to official websites controlled by the pilot communities, we will allow data from these two sources.

If you have a similar dataset in mind, (specifically, data or information that is already published by the entity for which a submission may be made), the best thing would be to email us and let us know what you’re thinking.

We’ve all worked together closely in meetups to get the data you need to make great apps. Each municipality has published more data since the start of the challenge. As we near this absolute deadline, we want to make sure you can express your apps to the fullest degree possible.

We reserve the right to reject any data source that is not specifically referenced in the rules, but rest assured that we will apply the criteria laid out above fairly and consistently.

Reminder: The deadline for the $75,000 Illinois Open Technology Challenge is this Friday, March 29 at 11:59PM (CST).


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