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Team Members:
Antonio Burketh
Bruce Montgomery
Maurice Byrd

Social Community Channels for Health

Web Application 

South Suburbs of Chicago


Data Sets:


Social Community TV (SCTV) is Cloud Enabled destination for live and on-demand video-based content. Navigate the Data Sets to generate insights in a secure updated environment with Tweet, Facebook integration for symmetrical media domain for family.


How did you us the data set(s) in your Submission?

SCTV: Health Navigation using any IDPH Data Sets for Home Health;Home Nursing Data Set; Assisted Living & Hospital Directory for actionable decisions. Unique experience for positive outcomes with family & Illinois South Suburban areas & residents.

What problem/challenge is your Submission helping to solve, and how?

Our audience needs viewing for Robust functionality such as Health video, health sharing, social media integration, and health collaboration capabilities including multiple healthcare options. A Single destination for content promotion for all 42 SSMMA Communities for all Businesses to benefit Health Initiatives for everyone in the Family. Integrate with Chicago Southland Fiber Network (CSFN), develops low cost Gigabit speed broadband communication system for all stakeholders. SCTV is unique!

What community members will your Submission help serve, and how will they be impacted?

Every member living or moving in the SSMMA demographic can navigate our multiple data set integration experience for SCTV for visual connection to make critical life changing health decisions. New ECOSYSTEM: creates behavioral shifts in online video increasing adoption of long-form video content viewing. Diverse neighborhoods are one of the fastest growing business segments, and well-positioned to contribute both to job growth and to the overall economic health of sustainable communities as a whole. Now Social Community TV to amass online users and capture an increasing share of their time, redefining how people interact with their personal social circles and health decisions both in online and offline environments provided by SSMMA health and educational institutions.

How do you envision city and/or state government utilizing your Submission to make a positive impact on the Pilot Community of State of Illinois?

Social Community TV expands the scope of opportunity for the Illinois South Suburban Mayor and Managers (SSMMA) to development program for producing revenue for business, educational and health stakeholders. Economic Development is key for all townships benefiting teens, elderly and family leaders. Business growth is a key benefactor of jobs and better informed consumers for dental, medical, rehab, and health which stimulates wellness, happy consumers that thrive in the 42 communities in the South Suburbs. SCTV will drive impact, results, users, to inform; educate; learn and grow within their communities for a better Illinois.

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